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july 22,2010

ahh, this is my first time writing a blog. I'm not even sure if there is a guideline in doing so. well if there is, i don't care. i'll just talk about how my day went.
it's already 5pm and i haven't had even a minute of sleep since yesterday, i've been up for almost 24hours and i don't know why i couldn't sleep. before going home today, i was told by my "manager" that i haven't been performing since the past 2 quarters and they have unanimously decided that i should go back to being an agent, ohh by the way i work in one of the most established call center here in cebu city. honestly i was already expecting that news, but i didnt expect it to come that day, well you know that they say, it's gonna come when you least expect it and boy! i couldnt explain my emotion that time. i mean i dont have anything against going back to taking tier 1 calls but i have already made new friends and it's hard to let go of things that makes you happy, i know they never promised us anything when we took the position, it was with an understanding that we can be removed or we can go back to tier 1 anytime. i was already harboring negative thoughts when my former manager called me up and told me that she wanted to my help on a project.
so tonight i will start my sweet revenge.

I am the girl that looks like...

...she goofs off
...she doesn't care
...she isn't smart
...she doesn't work hard
...she doesn't want to try

But I'm really the girl that...

...can lead in demanding situations
...cares deeply most of the time
...is smarter than she looks and gets more than it seems
...works hard when she has the right state of mind
...tries hard, but tries to let others take the spotlight

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